MCTS Certification: Exam Terms and Definitions

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MCTS Certification: Exam Terms and Definitions

The Right Business Etiquette Can Make or Break a Deal

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We recently pitched a project to a new client of ours.  Now nothing unusal there but the client came from the Middle East and until now I never dealt with someone from that region.  So before we had our first face to face meeting I brushed up on my soft skills.   Luckily with the internet it's easy to find the right information to get your manners on dealing with international clients up-to date .  For example: Take a look at the Business Etiquette Section of this site and you will quickly learn what you need to do now.

In any case - the pitch went well and we have a new client now to build a platform based on .NET to manage billing and accounts.  It's going to be a large project!




Microsoft Certification Video

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Here is a great video from Tim Warner were he provides - in plain english - an overview of the new Microsoft Certification exam programs.  The video is especially helpfull if you are used to the old exam categorization that Microsoft offered (MCSE, MCAD, MCSD etc..)  and you now want to learn more about the new exam types:  MCA, MCTS, MCITP & MCPD.  Let me know what you think about the video and if it answered all your questions.

In the video Tim covers the following topics:
  • The changes to the Microsoft Certifcation in general and the reason behind it.
  • An overview of the latest Microsoft Exam Types
  • A quick guide to the Microsoft Learning website and how to make the best out of it

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Last Updated on Friday, 31 July 2009 03:55

Youngest Microsoft Certification Talent

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There have been numerous reports about this talented young Girls that broke all records recently and passed the Microsoft Certification programm at the tender age of 9 - plus/minus 1 year.  It seems like the news sources are not clear on how old the girls was when she took the exam.  Congratulations to Arfa for becoming  the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.